Evaluation System

For Classes Nursery-K.G.:

To reduce the stress of examination, no terminal examinations are being conducted for these classes. The School is following “Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)” pattern as provide. The progress of the students are assessed on the basis of observation and evaluation for various skills such as listening, speaking, analyzing, problem solving etc. during regular teaching periods.

For Classes I-X:

The school aims for holistic development of the child. The students are judged in scholastic and Co-scholastic areas during the year and their assessment are indicated in grades. The scholastic areas are graded on nine point grading scale while Co-scholastic areas are graded on five point scale. Co-scholastic areas include life skills, work education, visual and performing arts attitudes and values. There are two formative assessments (FA) and one summative assessment per term.


Absent in any F.A. will keep no claim for Re-Test on a later date.

For Classes XI-XII:

The final evaluation will be done on basis of unit tests. and terminal examination, conducted during September & March.